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vigneti in Calabria
Esperienza in cantina
esperienza in cantina Calabria

An immersive and educational experience in the indigenous vineyards of the D.O.P Terre di Cosenza colline del Crati Territory where to enjoy, among other things, a relaxing and lively atmosphere.

The tour begins with a walk through the vineyards where the varieties grown (Magliocco, Greco Nero and Greco Bianco ) , the plant, the type of soil, the forms of farming, the pruning techniques and the link with the territory that is central to the identity and character of the wines produced are presented.

Next, to the winemaking cellars to relive the ever-special moments of the harvest and where to grasp the secrets of all stages of processing, from the transformation from must to wine to bottling and storage according to modern technologies and state-of-the-art facilities. Innovation yes but without sacrificing tradition as evidenced by the production of "Reserve Wines " in French oak barrels.

This leads to the key moment of the experience: the wine tasted directly in the winery, where everything acquires a sense and meaning thanks also to the gastronomic pairings with typical local products.